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Three Quick Tips To Know On Filling Out The March Madness Bracket

Division 1 March Madness

The NCAA Division One basketball tournament aka “March Madness”  is only a few days away. A lot of the basketball analysts already putting in their picks for who their Final Four will be or even the two teams in the finals. Some of the average fans don’t watch college basketball, but they can certainly pick up some pointers on having a solid bracket. Here are three quick tips on filling out the bracket, getting an upper hand over the other competitors.

1. Read the information on the teams

Either on ESPN or another sports app, there is always information regarding the teams stats. It shows how good they are offensively and defensively in the country. It also shows how the team competes against the top 25. Usually teams with a good defense, taking care of the ball and good rebounding  will win games in college. Look out for teams like North Carolina, Butler or even Cincinnati that’s good for scoring and taking care of the ball. Take what they have on how the team’s performance was throughout the year. Use your instincts and take a chance if anything.

2. Take a guess on the middle teams

Everyone usually goes with the what the analysts say when it comes to the top teams, but the middle of the pack can be tricky. Some of the teams like UConn, Cincinnati, Providence and even Arizona are well balanced. They usually have multiple players scoring in double digits and have two players that compliment each other. These teams with dynamic duos are tough to choose because it can go either way. But looking at the pedigree of the team is the key. How the coach sets the standard for the team and their identity can determine how far they can go, as much as the sweet sixteen or elite eight. Take a good smart chance on the middle teams, looking at the defensive side more than their balanced offense.

3. The number one or two seeds are most likely reaching the sweet sixteen

There are at least four out of the eight seed teams in the tournament reaching the sweet sixteen. Some of them have the easy route compare to others. North Carolina and Oklahoma have a chance to even go as far the final four. But teams like Michigan State or Oklahoma might have a tough task against good defensive teams. Either way you are guarantee on four teams going to the sweet sixteen. This boosts your chance of having your bracket at least 80 to 90 percent right.

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