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Three Reasons Why Your New Year’s Resolutions Are Not Accomplished

New Years Resolution

It’s almost April and most people probably didn’t accomplish their New Years resolution goals. They tend to start on the first two weeks of January, slowly fades away into late February. Some of it is lack of commitment, other reasons is because of work. Here are three reasons why your New Years resolutions are not accomplished.

1. Feeling Overwhelmed

Everyone tends to feel overwhelmed by the amount of work, school, family and even hanging out with friends. Something everything just piles up, that it can delay a person’s set of goals. The individual can write down the goals, making bullet points and feel as if they are on their way. But procrastination is the biggest downfall in the end. The feeling, pressure being brought by peers makes the individual more overwhelmed than before. It’s best to do one goal at a time rather than having a lot on a piece of paper.

2. Don’t Care At All

Sometimes they just don’t care. You can say what you want and feel like it’s a accomplish. But you tend to fall in the minority of do I really have to do this? Is it more a chore rather than excitement on the goal that needs to be accomplish? Why am I even doing this to begin with? These are some of the questions that you might need to answer. Actions always speaks louder than words. Do something about it first, then see if you or someone else is consistent enough to sustain it.

3. Didn’t Reward Yourself

People tend to reward themselves until the goal is accomplish. But isn’t it better to accomplish small steps, getting rewards on the way? Reward yourself with thing like food, watching a movie or going out with your friends. If you keep doing that, it motivates you to get more things done. It makes you more determinate, more self aware of the task at hand. Make it count and be sure to do that every one to two weeks.

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