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Three Things We Can Takeaway From NBA All-Star Weekend


This year’s NBA All-Star weekend turn out to be a major, major bust. Everyone thought it would one of those better weekends in a long time for the NBA. It didn’t go as plan since all the attention went towards how players would play to drama filled stories outside of basketball. But here are three things we can takeaway from All-Star weekend heading into the second half of the NBA season.



1. The competition wasn’t great at all

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All-Star weekend was nothing more than live practice. On Friday celebrities played a blowout game, rising stars showing off terrific moves/dunks with no defense, State Farm Saturday night not being spectacular and people looked at the All-Star game as a three point shootout. Literally stars that were in the events didn’t perform at a high level and the shots were flat. But really a disappointing weekend that the NBA needs to address as far as better competition for next year.


2. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook sort of became friends again

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One play in the All-Star game got everyone on their feet when Kevin Durant through a pass to Russell Westbrook for the easy dunk. The players were laughing and joking around on them being friends again or are they? It may be a small glimpse of hope but Westbrook after the game still avoided those questions from the media. It’s gonna take a while for them to be friends again. They however will go back as foes heading into the second half of the season.


3. The surprising trade after Sunday’s game is just the beginning 

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What we learned after Sunday’s All-Star game is everyone’s tradable, including a big talent like DeMarcus Cousins. He got traded to the New Orleans Pelicans for a bunch of role players and draft picks. This can arguably be the worst trade NBA history and it’s just the beginning. More trades are coming before the trade deadline that can change the landscape of an NBA season, which teams are trying to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors.

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