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Through Two Games, The Warriors Prove They Are On Another Level Than The Cavaliers

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“I think we’re surprised the way they won, yes, but that’s what the playoffs are about. They took care of home court. We know we’re going home. We have to play better. The guys are not discouraged. More pissed than anything,” Cavs coach Tyronn Lue said according to ESPN.

The Cleveland Cavaliers may not be discouraged, but they are definitely shocked with the results. In just two games of the NBA Finals, the biggest stage in sports, they looked to be over-matched and not in the same class as the Golden State Warriors. No one can say the level of competition being displayed by the Warriors, which are affecting the Cavaliers physically and mentally.

In terms of the mental aspect of the game, being able to dominate your opponent psychologically is a complete advantage. Overall, looking at the Warriors as a whole, it seems to follow that way. Ever since they face this team back in the regular season, it’s been a blowout after blowout after blowout. People believe in the Cavaliers be a much better team offensively, having Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love scoring thanks to LeBron James.

But one man can’t win on his own doing literally everything on the court. Against a special team, the Cavaliers have to be better than having success on offense. They need to play defense for 48 mins, not in spurts. No one in the league can’t play in spurts against the Warriors, who constantly keep moving on offense and defense. Playing under Steve Kerr helps with his competitive drive. He knows how to win at the highest level since Michael Jordan elevate his game.

Cavaliers have a chance since the next two games are on the road. It’s a slim chance considering how well the Warriors are playing right now. Hope is the word Cavalier fans need to have. But in the end, it might not be enough as they need to look at themselves in the mirror and ask, how much do you want it?

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