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Tim Duncan Joins Jabbar and Parish As The Only Players To Reach 1,000 Wins

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The legend of Tim Duncan continues as reaches 1,000 wins in his career, joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Parish.

“Tim Duncan is the base of all we do,” coach Gregg Popovich, who was given head coaching duties just a year before drafting Duncan, told the Express-News according to USA Today. “He’s the guy that makes the solid foundation. You can look around and count how many guys there are like him in the league that are truly franchise players. There’s a lot of good players, but you can’t build around them and win a championship.”

18 years with the same franchise and head coach marks consistency to arguably the greatest power forward in NBA history. In 24 minutes, he had three points, two assists, and two rebounds. Now these numbers won’t wow any NBA coach, but it doesn’t matter with the stack team surrounding him. Duncan from the bench sees the future of the franchise, Kawhi Leonard, taking the next step as the go-to player of the team.

One of the best qualities of Duncan is his being a team player on and off the court. This team respects his leadership qualities and making others better. Popovich and Duncan have the best coach-player chemistry in the league. They accomplish so much together, giving the blueprint to the rest of the teams on having a stable franchise.

Duncan joining this winning club only makes his legacy grow and NBA fans will appreciate that once he retires.

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