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Thanks To Tinder NBA Players Perform Well On The Road

(By Brandon Dill / AP)

This season NBA road teams are playing at historic levels and one general manager believes it has something to do with one particular dating app: Tinder


According to the Washington Post, Tom Haberstroh of ESPN Magazine had a particular quote on this being true and getting information from a former NBA player:


Various apps have done for sex in the NBA what Amazon did for best-selling books. NBA road life is more efficient — and less taxing — when there aren’t open hours spent trolling clubs.

“It’s absolutely true that you get at least two hours more sleep getting [lucky] on the road today versus 15 years ago,” says a former All-Star, who adds that players actually prefer Instagram to Tinder when away from home. “No schmoozing. No going out to the club. No having to get something to eat after the club but before the hotel.”


While players won’t reveal on social media that they use Tinder, it’s kind of intriguing to see those play well on the road. Maybe their focus of looking at other woman and swiping right puts their testosterone levels up the roof, playing with an edge against some of the tougher opponents. For all purposes owners should be pleased because they aren’t going to clubs or bars late at night. This makes them more of the stay home type and just resting their bodies on road trips.


The only questions for those using it is will it affect those that are married? Affect teammates on and off the court? How will coaches view players using Tinder for the season? These are the questions that each franchise needs to answer before it costs them key losses, especially in the postseason.

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