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“Title” Album Review


Meghan Trainor starts 2015 off with releasing her debut album “Title” released by Epic Records. The album serves as a replacement of Trainor’s 2014 extended play of the same name, and is made up of a standard 11-track edition and deluxe edition with four extra songs. Title was predominantly written and composed by Trainor and Kevin Kadish, and produced by the latter. Other collaborators on the album include Chris Gelbuda and Jesse Frasure, while John Legend and Shy Carter serve as its only featured artists. Title was developed as a “very honest” album for all ages, with “very honest” storylines. It reflects on changes in Trainor’s life and in her artistic process, and is intended as a source of empowerment for youth. Sonically, Title was inspired by Trainor’s love for throwback style records, and the 1950s and 1960s eras in music. She honed the album’s sound by incorporating different combinations of genres, including: Caribbean, doo-wop, hip hop, soca and pop, among others.

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