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TMNT Out Of The Shadows Press Conference Coverage Recap

The press conference of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out Of The Shadows took over New York City on May 22, and it didn’t disappoint.

Stars of the movie such as Will Arnett, Brian Tee and others show up discussing their roles for the film. Arnett described the film overall and his role as being Vernon Fenwick this time around.

“I think it was important overall for everybody that we kind of knew what we done right in the first movie and what we done wrong. We wanted to kind of capitalize on the things we did right. We wanted to have more fun and kind of tell a story that really resonated and made sense within the canon of the turtles.

“For me, personally for Vern, it was kind of fun to come back and do something a little bit different. He’s kind of on this path that you think is kind of shady, but ultimately has sort of a little bit redemption. That was good, something to do, but overall make it more fun exciting turtles.”

There was more emphasis on character development for each returning character from the first film. In their eyes, it was also to improve upon the first film as well. Stars are excited for how the movie may turn out overall.

Be sure to pre-order your tickets for the second movie of the TMNT franchise coming out in theaters June 3rd.

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