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Top 3 Tattoo Notes

via The Daily News

Tattoos have always been a fashion statement in mainstream society and almost everyone has a tattoo (some more than others). So we collected the top three tattoo notes you need to have in your head the first or next time you get inked!

  • Make sure you go to a reputable artist. This should probably go without saying. You don’t want to go to just anyone and ask them to stick needles and ink into your skin, right? That would just be silly.
  • Make sure you treat it properly. This includes not scratching your tattoo when it scabs over, making sure you put enough Aquaphor/whatever other ointment on it, and being careful when you’re out in the sun or water (since it is still summer). If you don’t, you risk early fading of your tattoo or worse!
  • Be prepared when you do go in on the big day! Make sure you have your final design on hand and that you have eaten a full meal beforehand, to prevent chances of fainting. Take breaks if you need to as well! Be calm, cool, and collected, and everything should be just fine!

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