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Top 5 Hidden Swimming Holes

You have heard of swimming pools, but have you heard of swimming holes? They are nature’s beautiful reserves of water that beat chlorine filled, kid infested pools any day. We have picked out the top five swimming holes you should take a dip in–and better yet, they’re hidden gems.
1. Tamolitch “The Blue Pool”
Sisters, Oregon

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The Tamolitch Pool can be reached after a hike on the McKenzie River National Recreation Trail. The water that collects there from the McKenzie River is topaz blue, and some spots are over 30 feet deep. It is reportedly very cold at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which will be relieving after the four mile hike.


2. Jacob’s Well
Wimberley, Texas

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Jacob’s Well looks like any other swimming hole from the surface, but swim deeper and you’ll discover that it is the largest underwater cave in Texas. This place is known to be a little dangerous, so take caution before you dive in headfirst. Because water levels are dwindling year after year, they have implemented an admission fee and limit entrance to 300 swimmers per day.


3. Hamilton Pool Preserve
Dripping Springs, Texas

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The Hamilton Pool Preserve was once privately owned. Now, its 45 foot waterfall and pool are open to the public. This magnificent formation took shape when the land above an underground river collapsed a millennia ago.


4. Queen’s Bath
Princeville, Hawaii

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Located on the island of Kaua’i, Queen’s Bath is a natural tide pool surrounded by lava rocks. Only experienced swimmers should venture out here due to the large, unexpected waves that could easily sweep you along.


5. Havasu Falls
Supai, Arizona

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The Havasu Falls is hidden in the Grand Canyon; it is also on the Havasupai Indian Reservation. It requires a testing 10 mile hike both ways to get to these blue green waters. Though it might be tricky to get there, it is a trip that will be worth the effort.

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