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Travis Weekes: Founder Of Driven Society


Driven Society is a New York City based hub for music artists and entrepreneurs to develop their careers. The company curates events that bring positive likeminded individuals together through events that couple music and culture. Whether you are an aspiring artist, an entrepreneur, or want to your industry network Driven Society has something for you. Bleu spoke with the founder of Driven Society, Travis Weekes:


BLEU: Where are you from?


Travis Weekes: I was born in Brooklyn, spent three years of my childhood in Barbados, after that I was in Jersey all throughout High School.


B: Tell our readers what Driven Society is all about


TW: Driven Society is a go-to company for artist, creatives, and millennials to be aligned with people who can help them to further their career. Every so often we will host either a seminar or conference, providing a space for people to come learn and take on their dreams. We like to educate and empower artist so that they have more knowledge about the industry.


B: What is your role in Driven Society?


TW: CEO and Business Developer


B: What was the idea for Driven Society?


TW: Well most kids have an idea of what they want to do or become in their adulthood. If you’re good with numbers, you may want to be an accountant. If you played sports maybe you wanted to become a professional athlete. For me I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I felt like my purpose was to help people to advance their career. When we started with Driven Society, the plan was to make connections and get people together. We work with many artists and brands, and put them with likeminded people to who could help them. The Driven Society team provides an environment for people to be inspired.


B: How many artists do you work with?


TW: So far we have worked with about 80 artists in the Tri-State [NY-NJ-CT] area. As everything progresses, we are looking to work with many other artist and brands.


B: Are there any artists out there you’d like to work with?


TW: I would like to produce an event for Anderson Peak, J. Cole, or Jay Z. Our goal is to continue to do more events like conferences, and music festivals to introduce new talents and artist. We try to find cool things before people know it is cool; we want to set trends.


B: What is your favorite thing about what you do?


TW: Providing the opportunity for people. Being that element for people to go to the next level through Driven Society. I like the results that I get from bringing different entertainment people together.


B: What is the ultimate goal for Driven Society?


TW: To be one of the top media and event platforms for driven and creative individuals. We want to have a reputation for putting on the best workshops, festivals, and seminars. It’s about empowering the people that we work with. We are doing everything that we can to uplift and bring it back to our culture.


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