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Tux Trends At The Oscars


Standing out or finding a unique tuxedo is tough given their simplicity and finding THE PERFECT suit is a level of mastery all on its own.The fellas really brought on the brawn this year at the Oscars. Perfectly fitted tuxedos in unique color ways, and custom features elevated the Oscars strict red carpet dress code.  Last night’s tux looks showcased all of that with two stand-out trends in men’s formal wear.

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Shawl Lapel

Distinguished by a rounded edge lapel, the Shawl Lapel is most commonly found on dinner jackets tuxedos and even some styles of thick knit men’s sweaters. Its rarity and elevating esthetic are usually brought out for special occasions  like weddings, formal events, luxurious dinner parties, or red carpet barren events like the ever-popular Oscars. The peculiar style of the Shawl Lapel has brought back the Gatsby era with a contemporary touch . Flattering on most body types, the Shawl Lapel really softens up the sometime jagged or boxed look of some tuxedos. Its smooth and continuous neckline really help tone down the brawn of bulging shoulders and elongate the torso making its wearer look as dapper as they come. Given its rounded accent, the Shawl Lapel tux is not recommended for wearers that have an extremely round face or body since the rounded lapel will emphasize and mimic those features. Men bearing those qualities should instead, opt for a peak or notch lapel tux that features more of a jagged line instead cutting the body and drawing the eye away from the wearer’s rounded features.


Jared Leto in Givenchy 



Channing Tatum in Dolce and Gabbana 

Peak Lapel

The “peak” on the Peak Lapel refers to the winged collar that points up and towards the shoulders of a tux jacket.  Given its intricacy and fashion forward look, the Peak Lapel is the most expensive collar to produce. Though most often found in double-breasted suit jackets, blazers and sports coats the Peak Lapel the also well represented in single breasted styles like the ones below. While the Peak Lapel suits all body types, its refined and sleek look really flatters wearers bearing a smaller frame. Its thin and chiseled neck line mirrors and maintains the proportions of a slim male’s frame. The Peak Lapel has its benefits for bigger males as well. Its angled collar draws the shoulders pointing it out as the largest part of the body and not directing your observers to focus on the midline. This feature is especially fitting for wearers who may not be as tall, the deep neck line really elongates the wearer’s torso which helps to make them appear taller.


Adrien Brody in Dolce and Gabbana


Kevin Hart in Lanvin

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