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Twist and Smash’d Astoria, New York’s New Sports Haven

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By Angel L. Quiles Jr.

A new paradise for fanatics of sports has opened up, in one of New York City’s most diverse neighborhoods Astoria, New York. Twist and Smash D was opened for a private event on May 7th, 2014, and is now opened to all patrons.

It’s Queens first 5000 square foot location with state of the art equipment, with 2 indoor Bocce Ball courts, 54 flat screen TV’s for sport fans to watch and support their favorite teams, and a full “Wrap Around Island Bar” with 50 beers on tap.

Co-founded by entrepreneur Robert Cano. The theme of the place was inspired by a trip Mr. Cano took with his daughter to Ecuador. There him and his daughter saw the locals twisting up potatoes, frying them and putting them on sticks. That item is now available at the bar, as well as other bar food favorites. Including chicken and waffles, customizable burgers, chili cheese hot dogs, and buffalo wings. However, the kitchen closes by 12am so make sure to get there before then so you can get your grub on. For those people with gluten allergies, gluten free buns are available.

The tap beers are nice and cold, and the selections are amazing. Included are various ipa’s, lagers and pilsners from all over the world. Also featured on the drink list are fish bowls, various specialty cocktails, and red and white wine for those who aren’t fans of beer.

The service at this place is better than at Bud’s Ale House, the predecessor of the location where Twist and Smash’d is now located. Jenn one of the head bartenders was amazing, and had a lot of knowledge about the evolution of the place, as well as the products that they serve.

Twist And Smash’d will surely get packed during the World Cup in June because of all the various ethnic people, and Americans that live in Astoria. It also should become a Sunday hot spot when the NFL comes back in September.

The bar is located at 34-02 Steinway street Astoria, New York. It is easily accessible by train because it’s close to the R and F line as well as the N and Q line. The Q101 bus and Q66 bus also run by the bar. For those who drive there is a parking lot close by. Cabs are also readily available in the area. Anyone who hasn’t been to Astoria, and is a sports fan would be wise to take a trip up to Twist and Smash’d. Astoria’s newest, and state of the art sports watering hole.

Angel L. Quiles Jr. is a sports writer from New York, NY. His passion for professional sports was spawned in the school yards of East Harlem. There he learned how to play football, baseball, and basketball. East Harlem is also where he played little league baseball. At the age of twelve he made the 25th precincts police athletic leagues little league all-star team. That team was invited to play against Fort Lee, New Jersey's all-star team in a game at the original Yankee Stadium. The game was covered by Mr. G's show "Care for kids" a community based program on the old WPIX channel 11 in New York City. Angel never made it to the big leagues, but the show and his passion for sports made Angel realize that he didn't have to play the game professionally in order to be around it. He could become a sports writer, be able to cover the drama of sports, and hopefully make a living doing and watching what he loves.

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