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Two Health Issues In Professional Sports That No One Talks About

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Let’s face it, the worst fear every athlete has is a devastating injury to any part of the body. It can be an injury that holds back their potential to be the best or just ends the career on the spot. An athlete can put in the work to prevent devastating injuries through proper exercises and a clean diet. But it doesn’t stop them from getting it because s0metimes it just happens. Here are two health issues in professional sports that most would say is becoming a problem.

1. Concussions

Concussions can’t be stop regardless of the sport. There were reports of former NFL legends suing the league because they didn’t know about the risks playing football. Some would argue that since the NFL is a brutal sport, they shouldn’t play, but it’s not the league’s fault.

Athletes sign up to play the game as much as those playing soccer. Soccer in general have moments during any game in which a player collides with another one. Those doing the goals from their head gives them a chance to suffer a concussion if the defender goes for the ball as well.

You really can’t prevent concussions, unless you don’t play the sport. Doctors are more prepared on this health issue than before due to the growth of technology. It’s only a matter of time before every head injury results to a concussion, which won’t look good for the future.

2. Tommy John Surgery

In baseball every starting pitcher now has a pitch count. Managers don’t want their starting pitchers to go beyond a certain amount or pitch more than 200 innings a season (which likely won’t happen if the team makes the playoffs). The reason for this is to prevent Tommy John surgery, the ACL injury of baseball.

More starting pitchers have been getting Tommy John surgery than before. It’s nothing preventable nor sure on how many innings a starting pitcher should have because the arm isn’t meant to throw the ball overhand. Anyone can have great mechanics and still get the surgery. They can get the muscles around the rotator cuff strong. They can be in the best shape of their life, and yet it won’t matter.

Doctors just have to figure out the best solution for these starting pitchers to have long, healthy careers.


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