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Two Tips On Having A Solid Bracket For The 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

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The 2017 NCAA Men’s basketball tournament officially starts on Mar. 16 and everyone is already filling out brackets. Whether it’s an average basketball fan or one that doesn’t watch a lot of games, all of them want to have the perfect bracket. Usually those filling them out tend to get it wrong by round 32 or much earlier. Well, here are two tips that everyone should use to have at least 85 percent of the bracket right.


1. Pick offensive teams that have a lot of three point shooters

In this generation the three point shot is important for a team’s success. It revolutionize the game of basketball and actually allowing these players to have a role if they make it to the NBA. Most offensive-mind college basketball teams have a leading scorer surrounded by lethal sharpshooters. They have a better chance of advancing to the sweet sixteen or elite eight. After that, all bets are off due to the competition being tougher. Take a chance on these teams according to their stats.


2. Take a gamble on ranked teams from 8-14 for upsets

Most individuals take safe picks by choosing top seed teams against lower ones. But randomly gamble on 8-14  teams as they have a higher chance of pulling an upset. Every expert usually pick one of these teams due to their matchup. There is gigantic pressure on the top seed teams to make a deep run in the postseason. Before it’s official, make sure the lower seed team matches up well with their matchup. It might be a lucky pick but everyone needs that for their bracket.

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