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Tyrese Gives Justin Combs Advice!


Justin Combs received a message from his bro, R & B singer Tyrese via Instagram. P Diddy, Justin Combs father allegedly assaulted his son’s UCLA’s strengthen coach. Reports say Sean Combs confronted Sal Alosi because he didn’t like the way he was talking to his son, this lead to an arrest with a few charges. Read below to see what Tyrese had to say about the situation.

They will tear you down, attack your character, put you through waaaaaaaayyyy more than the others just because of WHAT you were born into….. I say it again…. You don’t owe anyone shit….,” Tyrese continued onto say. He then wrote that, if put in the situation, he would have taken the same actions Diddy did. “My Shayla daughter is 7, if I found out a teacher was purposely messing with her everyday BECAUSE of WHO her father was I would have to make my position known…… Period.

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