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Um, I’ll Take One of Every Color: SUPERCOLOR Adidas


Bringing some colored charisma to the classics. The fearless fashion general, Pharrell Williams never ceases to amaze us. His collaboration with Adidas has out put the classic Super Start “Shell-Toe” Adidas out in 50 different shade, making a shoe in almost any color anyone could possible think of.



Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 2.57.25 PM

Reasoning for the varying colors aren’t just to match and and every outfit imaginable; it’s way deeper than that! Allowing everyone to choose what colors best suit them  no matter what difference set them apart is really what this is all about. The power to choose is was puts every Super Color wearer in one big choir harmonizing the homogenized hymn of choice. Bringing people together while still giving them their own identity is something that is truly remarkable. In the name of equality in fashion we pray, amen.



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