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University of Florida’s Coach Billy Donovan Becomes New Thunder Head Coach


Billy Donovan finalized a multiyear contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder as the new head coach after 19 years and two nationals titles at Florida according to Yahoo Sports.

There have been speculation over the past few weeks and conversations between the Thunder organization and Donovan. General Manager Sam Presti  has targeted Donovan in the long run to replace former Head Coach Scott Brooks.  He was the only candidate on the radar and did not have anything interest toward Tom Thibodeau or Mark Jackson.

The next step for Donovan is persuading former MVP Kevin Durant to sign a long-term contract with the Thunder. The roster is filled with a high amount of talent including the players picked up this year. Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka will be coming back healthy and ready for training camp, but is Donovan ready to coach an NBA Team?

NBA executives and scouts question his abilities to lead a team seeking for championship aspirations. The clock is ticking on him and if he does not succeed. Durant being a free agent in 2016 and possibly leaving to major markets can put pressure on Donovan and Presti.

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