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Warner Bros Confirmed Ben Affleck To Star And Direct The Solo Batman Movie

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The Warner Bros. executives confirmed Ben Affleck to star and direct the solo batman movie.

The 43 year old took the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, along with Henry Cavill as Superman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. There was a lot of negative comments when Affleck got the role as Batman. No one thought he can be the successor of Christian Bale’s Batman from the Dark Knight trilogy, but he pulled it off.

Affleck was one of the bright spots for the film, which made nearly $786 million worldwide since it’s released on March 16.  The CEO of Warner Bros. Kevin Tsujihara plans to pursue the project, hopefully making it big for the DC Universe.

“It set up a great foundation for our DC slate, which includes at least 10 movies through 2020,” Tsuijhara said at the CinemaCon event in Las Vegas according to The Guardian. “I’m also excited to know that we will be working with Ben Affleck on a standalone Batman movie.”

The movie can be based on Under The Red Hood. This story would make DC fans excited. The backstory combined with Affleck directing it would make the movie a big hit, especially if Jared Leto does a terrific performance on the Joker role for Suicide Squad.

Affleck will also appear in the Justice League as part of the big list of DC films. Expect more updates in the coming months, including the Suicide Squad movie coming out on Aug 5.

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