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Warriors Advance To The NBA Finals And Will Face The Cavaliers Again!!!

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“You’ve got to be appreciative of this accomplishment — and look forward to getting four more wins,” Stephen Curry said according to Yahoo News.

The Golden State Warriors are very appreciative of accomplishing something only nine other teams have done in NBA history: coming back from a 3-1 deficit. They not only did it out of ridiculous three point shooting, but also of pure heart and desire to keep their season going. Now the Warriors face the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals for the second straight season.

It’s Stephen Curry vs LeBron James part two. Curry, the golden boy of the NBA, up against a physical/dominate specimen in James. In the comic book world, most people would make the case as Batman vs Superman, one without powers and one with it. Despite all of that, expect it to be a classic series for the ages like the Miami Heat vs San Antonio Spurs in 2013.

James comes into the finals with a healthy Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. They wanted to face the Warriors again and prove everyone why they should have been champions last year. The roster of Cleveland isn’t as great as the Warriors, but with three scorers and two three point specialists combined with James’ intangibles on the court, it’s still enough.

For Curry and the Warriors, it put’s them with more motivation to beat this team. They believe in their hearts as being the better team, especially achieving 73 wins this season. More chemistry, excellent shooting and trusting one another is what’s going to help the Warriors against the Cavaliers.

Both teams are going into a brawl of competition at the highest level, which some teams can’t achieve. Curry and James knows what’s at stake with their legacies. The king doesn’t want to be beaten again. He knows this might be his last chance on getting a title for Cleveland, a city striving for a championship since the late 60s.

Either way, game one of the NBA Finals starts Thursday, and expect the series to be one worth remembering for many years.

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