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What You Need To Know About The Second Round Of The NBA Playoffs

NBA Second Round 2016
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Finally!!!! The second round of the NBA playoffs began last weekend. On Saturday night, it was a terrible game for the Oklahoma City Thunder, who got stomped by the San Antonio Spurs. Starting out the second round with a blowout doesn’t necessary mean a series is over. There are still a lot of games, including the other three series. While the west is still going through the Golden State Warriors, the east still being controlled by the Cleveland Cavaliers. Here are four facts you need to know about a very competitive second round of the NBA playoffs.

1. Everyone gets to see more competition compared to the first round

Lets be honest, most of the games in the first round were a blowout. Only two series in the eastern conference came down to a game seven, and one of them was almost choked away in their own court (Toronto Raptors). Either way, the eight teams remaining have something to prove. On the east, The Atlanta Hawks want to beat the Cavaliers after being swept by them last year. Miami Heat are a round away from meeting with the Cavaliers or possibly the Hawks, wanting to finish off a tough Toronto Raptors team as soon as possible.

On the west, it’s going to be a classic series between the Spurs and Thunder. Spurs won in style against the Thunder game one. In game two, the Thunder survive with a missed call not made by the refs to make it even. Either way these two teams have a history of making it interesting, more than other western conference teams. For the Warriors and Blazers, it comes down to this: Can the Blazers make it a series or lose in five games?

Whether or not it goes five or six, they might already have their ticket to the western conference finals. But expect this to be a great second round.

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