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Whiskey Talk


The strong and tasty brown selection of intoxicant has gone from the last choice to one of the most famous drinks to choose from at any given event. At least in America, whiskey has never been hotter. Just a decade ago, the American whiskey industry was flat on its back, having suffered decades of weak sales and under investment. Today bourbon whiskey (made in America) — is everywhere.

Previously often thought of as the cheap shot to go along with a good dark lager, whiskey has made quite the dynamic transformation. The drink has more and more seduce the public, readily pacing itself with Irish whiskey, Rye, and Scotch. “We have been the fastest growing spirit category globally for near 20 years. However, there hopefully is another 20 or 30 years of dynamic growth ahead.” – Whiskey Founder and managing, Jack Teeling said.

Indeed, whiskey drinkers are making space for the Irish whiskers and enjoying the wide array of whiskey expression. From Extra Aged, to Cask Finished, to Blends of Grain and Pot Still whiskey— Whiskey is where it’s at!

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