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Who’s Love Drought?

Love Drought

When Beyonce released Lemonade, her visual album that was skillfully woven together like a movie, it didn’t take long before the think-pieces started rolling in. People went into a frenzy trying to figure out who “Becky with the good hair” was, and the #BeeHive ambushed anyone they thought to be the suspect. Now that the initial buzz has simmered down into a subtle hum, the fog is starting to clear.

Ingrid Burley, a family friend of Beyonce’s and an artist under her label, Parkwood Entertainment, revealed in an interview with Genius that Love Drought stemmed from her professional woes with the label, not Beyonce’s marital issues. Ingrid wrote the song in 2014 when she found out that two of the people that were running the label at the time lied to her and said Beyonce wasn’t listening to new music. “I was just thinking, as I’m looping this beat, I couldn’t get it out of my head the fact that they just lied to me,” And out of frustration, she penned, “Ten times out of nine, I know you lying// but nine times outta ten, I know you trying.”

Ingrid wrote the song within 30 minutes and 2 years later, it was featured on the album. So how ‘bout them apples? Or better yet, how ‘bout them lemons!

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