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Why #AllLivesMatter Is Irrelevant

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Okay, maybe not irrelevant, per se. But it definitely isn’t doing the good that those who use the hashtag think it’s doing.

Let’s just say it bluntly: #AllLivesMatter is wrong. Before you start angrily typing in the comments, let’s just consider what Columbia University assistant professor Carla Shedd has concluded about the ALM counter-protest- that using it alongside the BLM movement is “erasing the vulnerability of and dehumanization of black people.” The point that BLM protesters are trying to get the nation, and by extension, the world, to realize is that the constant racism and violence Black people (especially young Black men) face is by no means acceptable or humane. #BlackLivesMatter is only trying to focus on the injustices that Black people are facing, not try to put them on some kind of pedestal. Again: yes, all lives matter. No one is trying to refute that. But all lives matter when Black lives matter, and right now that’s the goal BLM protesters are trying to achieve.

I’ll conclude with a now-commonly used analogy that illustrates the misguidedness of #AllLivesMatter: A house is on fire, and firefighters come to put it out. But instead of putting out the fire in the one house, they spray water on all the other houses in the neighborhood. That’s all good and well, but it does nothing to help the house that is actually on fire.

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