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Why The NFL Should Shorten The Preseason


The NFL is early into the preseason and although football is back on TV and radio, injuries are occurring. Players all over league in games and training camp are either taking precautions or risking their careers for practice and preparation for the regular season. The NFL would like to extend the season so it could be a year long sport despite it ending in February, but the real problem is are too many games (particular the preseason) hurting the league.

There already have been multiple injuries in the first two weeks of camp. They are losing their star players and hurting the ratings even if it’s for a short period time. Let’s look at the New York Jets and Giants as an example.


Jets have a new regime this season. They loss Dee Millner, Devon Smith, Antonio Allen and Geno Smith due to injuries. Two injuries are season ending and the others are temporary. These injuries will hurt the team chances of performing well and provides more depth. How will they overcome this when in any situation even the top players like Brandon Marshall, Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie, who have a history of injuries can happen at any given moment?


The Giants are another level with injuries. Defensive end Jason Pierre Paul did one of the most idiotic things a football  player can do before training camp even started. He not only loss a finger by doing fireworks, but he’s not even part of the team and possibly can miss the preseason. Chemistry is vital and it is important for Paul to be apart of that and the offensive line is the same. The offensive line has an injury bug and it really hasn’t been positive for quarterback Eli Manning and the offense if this continues.

NFL Needs To Get To The Regular Season Faster

The NFL needs to make it two preseason games and a lot of rest for the players. The body can take so much in one game that there is a reason why they take two days after Sunday to rest. This will improve the league and have the NFL fans watch their favorite players live, TV or radio.

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