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Will Frank Ocean FINALLY Drop His New Album?

via Independent

Damn you Frank Ocean! Some of us have been waiting forever for this new album!

The reclusive star has been holding out this album drop for what seems like years now, but we may finally be able to see a light at the end of this long tunnel. He posted an image of a library stamp card with a last stamp date being July 2016. This, in addition to his new ad campaign with Calvin Klein gives some fans a hopeful breath, but for others, this seems to be just another procrastination ploy by Ocean.

The video itself is beautifully shot, with saturated hues of color and Ocean standing sideways in an empty but furnished room. You hear him musing in a voice-over about fantasy and music being a necessary act in his life. Perhaps, then, he feels some ounce of apology for holding out on us so long.

Take a look at the ad for yourself:

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