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Will The MLB Season Be Shorten To 154 Games?


The MLB season consist of 162 games from April to early October. There have been so many complains regardless the level of attention from fans of their teams to even keep up with the games played. Diehard fans don’t watching every single game. But average ones overall, might want to see it shorten, and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred looks into that moving forward.

“There are ways to produce more off days in the schedule,” he said, according to The Associated Press. “Some of those have very significant economic ramifications that — if in fact we’re going down those roads — those economic ramifications are going to have to be shared by all of the relevant parties. You want to work less, usually you get paid less. But we are prepared to discuss the schedule issues and make proposals that are responsive to the ones that we’ve received from the MLBPA.”

Manfred talks about shortening it to 154 games. Eight games less for the players can help them in terms of rest for the body and being mentally prepared. Every player would love to play less for them to be at their absolute best, which in most cases they aren’t in late August and September.

Manfred has to understand that right now the MLB is third, slowing going to be fourth amongst the other major sports in America. His mindset should be this and nothing more: do whatever it takes to be in the discussion as the most talked about sport over basketball, football and soccer. Let see what happens after this season, deciding what’s best for the future of the MLB.

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