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X-Men Apocalypse Review: Very Entertaining, But Lacks In Structuring A Good Story

X Men Apocalypse Review

Warning SPOILER ALERT (Some scenes or moments are discussed during the review.)

This year of superhero movies continues to be an up and down roller coaster ride. Started out well with “Deadpool” becoming a sensational r-rated movie, going above expectations. Then “Batman v Superman” was a disappointment despite making more than $800 million. And finally had “Captain America: Civil War” come out as arguably the best superhero movie of the year, even if it came out in May.

As for “X-Men: Apocalypse”, it comes out as a very entertaining movie with good action moments, but lacked in story interest overall.

The third movie of the franchise was hyped up for a long time after a smashing success of “X-Men Days Of Future Past”. Fans of X-Men were excited to see an iconic villain of the comics on the big screen, and for some reason didn’t come out well.

The story begins with a mutant in the past name Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac) transferring his body into another one to be alive for many centuries. Fast forward into the present and Professor X (James McAvory) gets his school open, Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) does her own search for mutants and Magneto (Michael Fassbender) starts life outside the United States, trying to fit in with a wife and child in another country. Then Apocalypse awakens after many centuries, searches for four strong mutants to accompany his vision of cleansing the earth due to terrible leaders making bad decisions.

Overall, not exactly a breathtaking, appealing story. Some of the scenes during the movie were rushed, trying to get to the action as quick as possible. It also comes down to what the kids (Cyclops, Jean Grey and Night Crawler) are forced to do at young ages. Really there weren’t any moments in which they hanged out, got to know each other or bonded at the school. It went straight to the action as they went up against Psylocke, Storm, Angel and Magneto, who was brainwashed by Apocalypse.

The best moment of the movie was Quick Silver saving everyone from an explosion at the school, when Apocalypse arrived to take Professor X. He really shown his full speed to the test in a life/death situation. Even his interaction with the others were classy and hilarious. Either way, the performance of McAvory and Fassbender overshadowed Isaac’s downfall. Both of them displayed the chemistry, argument situations as friends and understanding why Professor X and Magneto have different philosophies on what they want to do with mutants.

For Isacc, he did show what it means to be the first mutant with outstanding powers. He shows what he does best which is amplifying or boosting a mutants power above their limit. He also shows why no one should mess with him as everyone else is below his powers, until the last fight that most fans would say had a predictable ending.

In conclusion, the last fight against the all mighty god could have been better. Early scenes during the movie would tell the viewer what will happen and why. There wasn’t as much pressure as ” X-Men Days of Future Past” had. Either way enjoy an entertaining, non-stop action movie that had so much potential to be better than what was shown on the screen for the summer.

7 out of 10 – The most entertaining movie of the franchise, but failed in telling a great story with an iconic villain.

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