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Yankees Have Until The End Of June To Make A Decision On The Team’s Roster Moving Forward

(Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke)

The New York Yankees are suddenly winning games despite starting out slow in the beginning of the season. Hitters started to hit the ball, pitchers pitched to their abilities and managers satisfied with the results. But now they loss twice against the Detroit Tigers, putting themselves under .500 again. The Yankees look to make a push in the summer for the playoffs, but what will the roster be like after June?

Let’s face it, the roster itself not exactly a championship roster. There are too many old and young players on the team doing inconsistent work. Alex Rodriguez is a shell of himself, Jacoby Ellsbury continues to get injured at pivotal moments and Brett Gardner not producing enough offensively. The only consistent player that’s carrying the team is Carlos Beltran.

Surprisingly, he been carrying them since last season. Suddenly hitting began to become easy for the 39 year-old, keeping their season alive being a one man show. The other players are doing their job to get hits, but can they keep it up? Can they keep it up until the starters come alive, and the bullpen performances at the highest level?

Manager Joe Girardi knows the formula of success is competing in low scoring games to win. Winning in tight situations can keep their playoff hopes alive. This roster however, isn’t enough to make the push unless they turn back the clock and start becoming a homerun hitting team.

Yankees fans should look at the next few weeks as a trial run. This can determine whether they stay pact or break it up for the future of the franchise.

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