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Yankees’ Young Bombers Leading Team To Hot Start

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The New York Yankees continue to surprise MLB teams so far in the regular season. From dazzling performances by the pitching staff to young hitters making their presence felt early,  they have one of the best records in the league and want to stay that way.


Most fans said earlier in the season that these young bombers will struggle due to a 1-4 start. The sky was falling, Yankees fans panic about the losses of Did Gregorius and Gary Sanchez, and critics were wondering if general manager Joe Girardi will last. But all these assumptions are shut down at the moment at 15-8, literally winning games with a lot of home runs. Most of the damage is done by right fielder Aaron Judge, who is a big player at 6’7 282 pounds.


Judge is already battling at .302 with 10 home runs and 20 RBIs. The man put up historic rookie numbers for a guy that really struggled last season. The only problem he had was getting a lot of strikeouts despite displaying incredible power from his swings.


“I think he has a chance to get up there. I really do,” Girardi said according to The Associated Press. “He has the ability to hit a popup that will go 370 feet and be gone, where another guy hits a ball like that and it’s going to go 320 and it’s going to be an out.”


But it also isn’t just him doing everything offensively for the Yankees. Brett Gardner suddenly found his stroke, Starton Castro continues to make big time hits, Chase Headley looks like the hitter everyone thought he would be like previous years, and other role players stepping up. The return of Gregorius definitely will help them for the rest of the season, offensively and defensively. Gary Sanchez, who is the best hitter on the team, slowly coming back and will make them better.


Although it is still early in the season and some fans are say blasphemous statements such as World Series contenders, the Yankees are back. The young bombers are bringing back nostalgia moments from multi-hit home runs to shutouts by their aces. Heck even the young pitchers are doing things most people thought they can’t do. Now they go into May with all of the momentum and see they continue this hot start.

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