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Zoolander 2 Review: “Long Overdue”

Zoolander 2

When Zoolander came out, it was an instant classic. The cast of Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson and others made it comical with the funny jokes during the movie. Zoolander 2 brought back the original cast with funny/stupid moments. But too many celebrity cameo appearances and the fact it was long overdue didn’t live up to the sequel.


The story is about Derek Z00lander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) coming out of retirement from modeling to face a new threat, who’s killing other fashion models. This provokes Zoolander’s return as there deaths trigger a pattern, which actresses such as Penelope Cruz and Kristen Wiig are important in aiding his quest. Even his son from the first one is in the movie with a major role. There are also other celebrities making signature appearances. A lot of the same crazy/laughable moments gives the movie a nostalgic feel. While it sticks out with the questions really? It gives fans something they were waiting for, even if it wasn’t long overdue. The audience can appreciate the great chemistry between Stiller and Wilson.


As much as Zoolander is a comedy movie, it still provides non-stop action. The first scene of the movie opens up with chasing, shooting and running. Zoolander and Hansel get involve in very strange, awkward interactions with new characters. Some of the action becomes more serious as it builds up into the final 30 minutes of the movie. A surprise villein makes his return to stop Zoolander’s quest. Cruz makes every guy in the audience stare at her beauty combined with humor with other characters. She even has one of the best fight scenes. Most won’t be disappointed as it still stays with its roots.


Overall fans of Zoolander won’t be too disappointed. Stiller brings back his idiotic personality, Hansel always seems to be the nice guy. A solid cast provided fans something to look at during the movie. While too many celebrity cameo appearances puts the focus off the main story, it still has it’s funny moments.


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